Who is in charge?

You are engaged in a battle against powerful forces.

In the boardrooms of fast food chains, supermarket chains and home delivery chains they are working really, really hard to extract more cash from you. In the main, this means they are trying to get you to consume more.

They have armies of experts working for them and millions of dollars to fund their campaign.

And they have all the tricks in the book – to get you to consume more.

Fast food chains are not simply child-friendly but positively child-attracting. Because the kids can then act as leverage on you.

Supermarket chains trot out irresistible offers. Buy one get one free or even buy one get two free.

With food delivery chains it’s bundling. Buy the whopper-size pizza and get free soft drink and ice cream.

With restaurants it’s eat-all-you-can. You’ve paid for it so tuck in.

The point is there is a vast army of people who report to shareholders on how much they have extracted from you. Not how trim you are, but how much money they got you to part with. They aren’t paid to care about whether you are trim. They are paid to get you to consume more.

The question is – who is in charge? It is either you or it is them.

LoLtrim will supply many more magic methods along the road, but you already have all you need to take charge.

You have decided your rocket fuel level, the level at which you pay respect. And you know your calostat – 10 cals/day equates to 1lb/year.

You already have the core tool set to make critical decisions.

So the question is – who is in charge? You or them? Put the answer in your success journal.

Today’s decision is pure psychology. It’s about realising that you are going to win.

Tomorrow we’ll consider – how fast is crash?


What is your Calostat?

Your calostat is an amazingly powerful way to make decisions affecting how trim you are.

It is based on the fact that one pound of fat equates to about 3,500 calories. Fudging the maths only slightly, 10 calories/day equates to one pound of fat per year.

That’s your calostat. 10 calories/day comes to one pound of fat per year. Pop that into your success journal.

Now 10 calories is about one fifth of a teaspoon of oil, about a quarter of a teaspoon of butter or margarine, less than a sixth of an apple, and less than a tenth of what your cornflake makers think you should have for breakfast. In other words it’s tiny, tiny, tiny!

Two astonishing facts become clear from this.

First, for your body to keep constant weight over the course of a year it’s balancing mechanism must be superb.

Second, and more importantly, getting trim and staying trim can be done by making a set of small and easy changes. That’s the smart and easy way to do it. That’s how to do it for the rest of your life. That’s LoLtrim, a Lifetime of Life trim!

Tomorrow is Decision Day. Who is in charge of your destiny?

Respect Your Rocket Fuels!

LoLtrim doesn’t do calorie counting.  It is a lot easier, and a lot smarter, to select your rocket fuel level, and respect your personal rocket fuels.

Every food has a calorie density.  Those with a high calorie density deserve to be treated with respect.  It really is that easy.

The following figures are all in kcal/100g.  Forget kcal/100g for a moment – all you need to know is that the result has to be between 0 (water) and 900 (pure oil).

Here are 20 common foods to help you choose your personal rocket fuel level.

Tinned tomato – 16
Orange juice – 42
Baked beans – 73
Banana – 89
Avocado – 160
Egg, whole, fried – 196
White bread – 234
Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream – 250
Pepperoni pizza – 270
Chicken, skinless, oven cooked – 293
Spaghetti – 350
Rice – 360
Boiled potato – 365
Cornflakes – 379
Sugar – 387
Cheddar cheese – 410
Bacon, fried – 533
Peanuts – 600
Margarine – 634
Sunflower oil – 899

Calorie density can be an eye opener.  Pizza and ice cream below skinless chicken?  Cornflakes nearly on a par with sugar?

All you have to do is pick your rocket fuel level and handle with respect those foods that you count as rocket fuel.

UK food labels make this easy because one of the figures near the top is the number of kcals in 100g.

US food labels take just a little more thought.  There is a calorie count and a serving size in grams (g).  Divide the calorie count by the serving size in g, and multiply the result by 100.

Sometimes labels for fluids are in ml instead of g.  Just treat these as though the ml figure and the g figure are the same.  Don’t worry about the error in this – it isn’t big enough to make a real difference, so do it the easy way.

The US Department of Agriculture database has thousands and thousands of foods already worked out in kcal/100g.  That’s how we got about half of the figures above.

The USDA data is at http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/

Put your rocket fuel level in your success journal.  It’s just a figure between 0 and 900, and for foods on and above that level – respect! Do you want to note the USDA link?

Tomorrow, LoLtrim will give you another amazingly easy, amazingly smart, amazing powerful idea – your calostat!


Your first step to success was checking out LoLtrim.  That was very smart.

Now we’d like to show just how easy LoLtrim is going to be.

All you have to do today is answer one simple question – “How am I going to keep track of my success with LoLtrim?”

A success journal is an immensely powerful psychological tool because it will rapidly show just how much progress you have made.  And all of it the smart and easy way.

We have used the term ‘success journal’ because it sounds quite impressive, but call your record whatever appeals to you.  Captain’s log?

As to the way you keep your success journal, that is up to you.  Stick-its posted on the fridge door?  A file on your PC or your mobile?  Traditional paper and pencil?  Voice memos on your iPod? Blog it on WordPress?

LoLtrim really is as easy as answering the question – “How am I going to keep track of my success?”  Just put your answer into your success journal.  Wasn’t that easy, easy, easy?

Tomorrow’s step is just as easy but it is a giant one.  LoLtrim is going to help you to pick your personal rocket fuel!


Welcome to LoLtrim!

And congratulations on choosing the easiest, smartest way to get trim and stay trim.  And LoLtrim is completely free!

Why is LoLTrim so amazingly good?

LoLtrim works on your behalf.  It tailors itself to your body and your mind, so LoLtrim is unique because you are unique.

This means LoLtrim works with you, the way you want it to work.  So there are no artificial regimes to follow.

LoLtrim uses easy steps and easy choices – easy to understand, easy to do.

LoLtrim is 100% natural.  There is no artificial anything in LoLtrim. It’s real life the way real life should be.

Above all, LoLtrim works like MAGIC.  As it happens, it works like magic because it’s stuffed with the very best in science.  But you don’t have to do any science.  LoLtrim does the science so that you get the magic.

What are the benefits of LoLtrim?

First, you get trim.

Then, you stay trim.

The easy way.  The smart way.  All completely free.

And when you’ve proved this works, you can pass on the great news to your friends!

Congratulations!  You’ve found LoLtrim, the most amazing way to get trim and to stay trim.

Tomorrow, LoLtrim will show you just how easy it is to start getting trim when you do it the easy, smart way!