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What’s Your Chronotype?

Robert E Thayer is Professor of Psychology at California State University.

In 1996 his book, “The Origin of Everyday Moods”, was published.

Mood is important because poor mood is linked to when our resolve fails – when we go off the tracks.

One of the factors in mood is circadian rhythm, the natural daily cycle of ups and downs.

If you want to find out if you are a morning person, an evening person or neither, a short chronotype test is here at The Chronotype Test.

For the average person, there is a daily low at about 4:30pm.

Since you are unique, it helps if you work out if you have your own daily low point.

In your success journal, note when your low point is or what your chronotype is.

Tomorrow LoLtrim will look at some easy ways to improve your mood at these natural low times, so making it easy to succeed!