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My food intolerances are…

I saw Carole Batchelor today to get my food intolerances checked out, in advance of a talk she is giving to NetworkW, my ladies-only network based in Milton Keynes.

Carole reckons I’ve got a list of 5.

Gin – the ONLY drink I like, though I have p’raps 3 a year.
Cabbage – same ‘cos I’ve just stocked up on Chinese cabbage. Still, needs must!
E102 Tartrazine – I thought this had been banned, but I can’t find anything with this in it, not even suspects like fizzy drinks and sweets.
Lentils. Now those I do have from time to time, but infrequently.
Monosodium glutamate – AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH! This calls for a radical rethink on my soy sauce and Chinese meals!


My birthday meal was easy!

On this food plan, going out for my birthday meal was easy!

We headed for Nando’s, where we shared olives for a starter.

My main meal was corn on the cob, and a quarter of grilled chicken. I pinched half a Portuguese roll from hubby to dip into his chicken livers – so tasty!

It’s amazing how easy this way of eating is, and I really enjoy it. 🙂


Upon my brithday, which is my sixth, how did I celebrate?

The family came in turn to honour me.

Riley @ 3 months might have felt that teething was the order of the day but – hey ho!

Main event! Going out for evening nosh and looking forward to it.

Full steam ahead!

Day 3 and new eating plan is gong well.

Bouyed by news that eating protein at breakfast cuts about 400 calories/day on average by lowering the hunger hormone.

I’m starting my day with two eggs and two slices of toast and it really does seem to make you feel less hungry for longer.

All the junk-calorie food items have been dumped. 🙂

And eating a meal cooked by someone not in the know about what I’m doing turned out well. I ate the Sunday roast and veg, stuck to a single potato, and avoided the Yorkshire pud, and thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Pretty much plain sailing so far – just a case of seeing the results! 🙂