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Time to restart the journey.

After struggling so far this year due to my back op, it’s time to shift the weight I’ve gained while incapacitated. My physio says I can’t make an impact on the activity side, so the focus is going to be on food.

I’ve decided to go on a regime which is somewhat like Atkin’s, though not as restricted on carbs, because that’s the one that worked best for me in the past.

And the mental war has already kicked in. The word ‘diet’ has been banned, because the huge raft of negatives that go with it.

I’m starting tomorrow, because the 1st of May is an easy start date to remember.

And yes, I’ve been doing my pre-journey splurge. A sausage roll at the petrol station. Followed by an M&S Yum Yum – a whopping 650 calories! And I’ve been to the Chinese cash and carry to stock up on lots of goodies – including vast quantities of noodles that I won’t be eating from now on! Tonight is home-made paella, with chicken, chorizo, pork and prawns – with rice!!!