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How Fast Is Crash!

How fast are crash diets?

The short answer is they are pretty slow. And very stupid.

In 1998 a group of people in the UK with a lot of weight to shed volunteered for a 16 week study. Note volunteered – because that means they were highly committed to making things work.

One third of the volunteers went onto a regime that should only be done under medical supervision.

That third tried a novel approach. Just 800 calories per day. Compared with UK recommendations of 2,500 calories per day for men, and 2,000 calories per day for women. And all of it from milk and yoghurt. Nothing but milk and yoghurt!

Surprisingly, most of the volunteers stuck it out for the full 16 weeks. The researchers thought this was probably due to the novelty of the approach.

But how did it go? How fast is crash?

The crash result came out at just over one pound per week! It was just a little higher for those who managed to make it through the full 16 weeks.

Why? The simplicity bit worked. Just milk and yoghurt. Easy to do the mechanics. But why is crash SO slow?

Why doesn’t a starvation scheme work? The answer is simple. Your body is superbly designed to defeat starvation.

Your body has lots of mechanisms to make sure you survive famine. And others to put on weight again when a famine is over.

The study did not report on what happened to these volunteers after the research ended, but LoLtrim is fairly confident they were soon heavier than they were at the start of the study.

Crash is stupid because it activates all of the superb systems you have to avoid starvation. And those to restore your weight after the famine.

Milk and yoghurt only. Just 800 calories per day. Torture and starvation for what?

There has to be a better way! And there is!

LoLtrim works the way your body and your mind works.

And that’s the point. You can do crash diets as you like. 800 calories on milk and yoghurt, PLUS MEDICAL SUPERVISION. And for what?

Or LoLtrim. Get trim, stray trim. Easy, smart and free!

What are you putting in your success journal today?

Coming up next is a little piece of fun. It happens to be fun, but LoLtrim will show you how to use it to your advantage. Let’s find out your chronotype!