My food intolerances are…

I saw Carole Batchelor today to get my food intolerances checked out, in advance of a talk she is giving to NetworkW, my ladies-only network based in Milton Keynes.

Carole reckons I’ve got a list of 5.

Gin – the ONLY drink I like, though I have p’raps 3 a year.
Cabbage – same ‘cos I’ve just stocked up on Chinese cabbage. Still, needs must!
E102 Tartrazine – I thought this had been banned, but I can’t find anything with this in it, not even suspects like fizzy drinks and sweets.
Lentils. Now those I do have from time to time, but infrequently.
Monosodium glutamate – AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH! This calls for a radical rethink on my soy sauce and Chinese meals!


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