Who is in charge?

You are engaged in a battle against powerful forces.

In the boardrooms of fast food chains, supermarket chains and home delivery chains they are working really, really hard to extract more cash from you. In the main, this means they are trying to get you to consume more.

They have armies of experts working for them and millions of dollars to fund their campaign.

And they have all the tricks in the book – to get you to consume more.

Fast food chains are not simply child-friendly but positively child-attracting. Because the kids can then act as leverage on you.

Supermarket chains trot out irresistible offers. Buy one get one free or even buy one get two free.

With food delivery chains it’s bundling. Buy the whopper-size pizza and get free soft drink and ice cream.

With restaurants it’s eat-all-you-can. You’ve paid for it so tuck in.

The point is there is a vast army of people who report to shareholders on how much they have extracted from you. Not how trim you are, but how much money they got you to part with. They aren’t paid to care about whether you are trim. They are paid to get you to consume more.

The question is – who is in charge? It is either you or it is them.

LoLtrim will supply many more magic methods along the road, but you already have all you need to take charge.

You have decided your rocket fuel level, the level at which you pay respect. And you know your calostat – 10 cals/day equates to 1lb/year.

You already have the core tool set to make critical decisions.

So the question is – who is in charge? You or them? Put the answer in your success journal.

Today’s decision is pure psychology. It’s about realising that you are going to win.

Tomorrow we’ll consider – how fast is crash?


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