Respect Your Rocket Fuels!

LoLtrim doesn’t do calorie counting.  It is a lot easier, and a lot smarter, to select your rocket fuel level, and respect your personal rocket fuels.

Every food has a calorie density.  Those with a high calorie density deserve to be treated with respect.  It really is that easy.

The following figures are all in kcal/100g.  Forget kcal/100g for a moment – all you need to know is that the result has to be between 0 (water) and 900 (pure oil).

Here are 20 common foods to help you choose your personal rocket fuel level.

Tinned tomato – 16
Orange juice – 42
Baked beans – 73
Banana – 89
Avocado – 160
Egg, whole, fried – 196
White bread – 234
Chocolate fudge brownie ice cream – 250
Pepperoni pizza – 270
Chicken, skinless, oven cooked – 293
Spaghetti – 350
Rice – 360
Boiled potato – 365
Cornflakes – 379
Sugar – 387
Cheddar cheese – 410
Bacon, fried – 533
Peanuts – 600
Margarine – 634
Sunflower oil – 899

Calorie density can be an eye opener.  Pizza and ice cream below skinless chicken?  Cornflakes nearly on a par with sugar?

All you have to do is pick your rocket fuel level and handle with respect those foods that you count as rocket fuel.

UK food labels make this easy because one of the figures near the top is the number of kcals in 100g.

US food labels take just a little more thought.  There is a calorie count and a serving size in grams (g).  Divide the calorie count by the serving size in g, and multiply the result by 100.

Sometimes labels for fluids are in ml instead of g.  Just treat these as though the ml figure and the g figure are the same.  Don’t worry about the error in this – it isn’t big enough to make a real difference, so do it the easy way.

The US Department of Agriculture database has thousands and thousands of foods already worked out in kcal/100g.  That’s how we got about half of the figures above.

The USDA data is at

Put your rocket fuel level in your success journal.  It’s just a figure between 0 and 900, and for foods on and above that level – respect! Do you want to note the USDA link?

Tomorrow, LoLtrim will give you another amazingly easy, amazingly smart, amazing powerful idea – your calostat!


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