Your first step to success was checking out LoLtrim.  That was very smart.

Now we’d like to show just how easy LoLtrim is going to be.

All you have to do today is answer one simple question – “How am I going to keep track of my success with LoLtrim?”

A success journal is an immensely powerful psychological tool because it will rapidly show just how much progress you have made.  And all of it the smart and easy way.

We have used the term ‘success journal’ because it sounds quite impressive, but call your record whatever appeals to you.  Captain’s log?

As to the way you keep your success journal, that is up to you.  Stick-its posted on the fridge door?  A file on your PC or your mobile?  Traditional paper and pencil?  Voice memos on your iPod? Blog it on WordPress?

LoLtrim really is as easy as answering the question – “How am I going to keep track of my success?”  Just put your answer into your success journal.  Wasn’t that easy, easy, easy?

Tomorrow’s step is just as easy but it is a giant one.  LoLtrim is going to help you to pick your personal rocket fuel!



  1. I’m keeping track of my success on microsoft calender on my laptop cos I don’t have a captains log (but I wish I did!!)


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